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  1. Same as Simply Aviation but you and Simply Aviation have a same Route.
    He is going VIE-BKK, you will going BKK-VIE i almost forgot try the pea soup. All the Bloggers and Press, all in business class, no ones in the economy haha. but he going to economy for the review about the economy.

  2. Nice video overall, but I think we all seen a safety video b4. Food seems mediocre, even at Turkish Airlines economy class you eat better than that.

  3. I flew on this very same route on the very same throne seat back in April…how awesome it was and even more awesome I can watch my experience on your video!!

  4. very nice film i was also estonished when the boarding screen did not boot 2 or 3 years ago one could see…. its windows time at vienna airport:)

  5. Austrian Airlines – never again!!!

    I warn all travelers about the abuse of Austrian Airlines company to its monopoly position in the direction of Kiev-Vienna. I'm used to fly to Vienna a lot, due to my business; and more frequent air company monopolist in this direction is Austrian Airlines. However, recently I had bad experience with this airline, which left me with no desire to continue to give them my time and money. Briefly about the situation: I checked in the flight online the day before departure, but that did not stop the representatives of Austrian Airlines to remove me and 9 other passengers from the flight right at the entrance to the plane. The airline didn't explain to passengers the reason of their decision, but I understood that airline was guided by national basis, because all 9 passengers was from Ukraine.

    After removal, the airline changed the ticket to a late flight. As a result of that I was late for my appointments. Moreover, I'm trying to get a justice, an apology and explanation from the airline for 1 year, but still I didn't receive any feedback from them. It is very shortsighted and presumptuous of Austrian Airlines to believe that because of its monopoly position on this direction, they can provide so unprofessional service to their passengers. The big fat minus to Austrian Airlines. If you need to Vienna fly, but just not with them – real advice from real victim.

  6. The red looks nice on Austrian but I am unsure of the sky blue. Somehow they don't compliment each other. I understand their previous emphasis of the Austrian "freshness on service" concept however, there is room for improvements in terms of colour co-ordination.

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