Austrian Airlines, sometimes shortened to Austrian, is the flag carrier of Austria and a subsidiary of the Lufthansa Group. The airline is headquartered on the grounds of Vienna International Airport in Schwechat where it also maintains its hub. The company operates scheduled services to over 130 destinations worldwide and is a member of the Star Alliance.
Since 1 July 2012 and until 31 March 2015,when both will merge, all flights of Austrian Airlines are operated by its subsidiary Tyrolean Airways.
The 777-200 was the initial A-market model. The first -200 was delivered to United Airlines on May 15, 1995. With a maximum range of 5,240 nautical miles (9,700 km), the -200 was chiefly aimed at U.S. domestic airline operators. Nine different -200 customers have taken delivery of 88 aircraft, with 84 in airline service as of July 2014. A British Airways 777-200 became the fastest subsonic New York to London flight at 5 hours and 16 minutes in January 2015 due to strong winds. The competing aircraft from Airbus is the A330-300.
The 777-200ER (“ER” for Extended Range), the B-market version of the -200, was originally known as the 777-200IGW for its increased gross weight. The -200ER features additional fuel capacity and an increased maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) over the -200. Aimed at international airlines operating transatlantic routes, the -200ER’s maximum range is 7,700 nautical miles (14,300 km).[163] In addition to breaking the eastbound great circle “distance without landing” record, the -200ER also holds the record for the longest ETOPS-related emergency flight diversion (177 minutes under one engine), on a United Airlines flight carrying 255 passengers on March 17, 2003, over the Pacific Ocean.
The first -200ER was delivered to British Airways on February 6, 1997. Singapore Airlines, one of the type’s largest customers, ordered over half of its -200ERs with reduced engine thrust specifications (de-rated) for use on medium-length routes. The de-rated engines lower MTOW, which reduces the aircraft’s purchase price and landing fees, and can be re-rated to full -200ER standard for long-haul operations. As of August 2013, -200ER deliveries to 33 different customers totaled 422. As of July 2014, 404 examples of the -200ER were in airline service. The competing aircraft from Airbus is the A340-300 and the A350-900.


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