Air mishap occurs usually now a times and the authorities are getting least care in this situation. It is just right after a week of the air mishap yet another incident was averted at the Mumbai Airport on Thursday night (June 3 rd) the place a Kingfisher flight was cleared for landing at a runway, at the identical time Spice jet flight was halted for the reason that of a technical fault. The Mumbai – Chennai Spicejet flight was about to acquire off at eleven in the night, but it formulated some technical dilemma through the very last moment. As a consequence the Air Targeted traffic Handle aborted the flight and at the identical time they gave authorization to the Delhi-Mumbai Kingfisher Airlines to land on the identical runway. The pilot of the Kingfisher plane took a go all over and averted the incident.

 Can the airline authority assure any protection actions for the travellers who are blindly flying by basically believing them? What about the protection of the travellers who are the shoppers here? A equivalent disaster was averted on Might 27 in the identical airport. Below the Jet Airways plane was questioned to abort landing in the very last moment. At the identical time an Indigo aircraft entered the runway.  Air Targeted traffic Handle is dealing with far more than 600 flights in Mumbai airport on a everyday foundation. The Mumbai-Delhi air corridor has emerged as one of the busiest in the entire world. In accordance to a report the Mumbai Airport is the sixth busiest corridor. This survey was done by an worldwide group, Formal Airlines Tutorial. In accordance to the report there are 53 everyday flights between Delhi and Mumbai.

This report evidently displays the actual tension on the Mumbai airport as it is currently operating to a ability. The massive question is why are the authorities not worried on these difficulties? Why are they are not getting enough protection precautions, is there no price for the life of shoppers? Now the airlines are battling difficult to get a new slot for their flights to and from Mumbai. The Mumbai International Airport Limited (MIAL) has prompt to the aviation ministry to work less flights of even larger twin aisle planes like the A-330, A-340, Boeing 777 or the Jumbo.  

An special report from one of the primary channels experiences that a disaster is waiting around to take place at the Mumbai Airport. The key explanation is the crucial radar which can catch all the disasters is lying locked up gathering dust in the airport for the very last two several years. I marvel how the airport authority can be so careless concerning human life! Why the government is not getting any action? Are they waiting around for the disaster to take place? Why this normally take place in our region? We are bounded with rules and restrictions? What is the use in putting an enquiry committee right after the disaster occurs? The very last two incidents reported which were being two around misses in the very last two months. On Might 31, 2009 Air India and Jet plane escape from a significant mishap. A further incident two chartered aircraft acquire off just about simultaneously from Runway 27 at Mumbai Airport.

Regardless of of all these shut misses the Mumbai airport is not addressing protection difficulties of the shoppers. The detail to be observed is that the crucial Surface Motion Radar which monitors the floor website traffic at the airport is not mounted. The radar was acquired in 2008 and it is actually shocking to see that the guarantee has expired. As there is a lack of the Surface Motion Radar the ATC, at moments when the website traffic is at saturation, human error is sure to creep in. It is to be observed that there is so much floor website traffic with buses, aircraft, catering vans etcetera and the probability of these kinds of mishaps are very significant. There is an fast and urgent will need to address this shopper protection situation. The percentage of hike in air website traffic is developing at 20 per cent just about every calendar year. But the ATC is however severely limited staffed. A lot more than 250 acres of airport land has been encroached by slums. There are area constraints for the Mumbai Airport as a consequence they have a great deal of intersecting runways. The scarcity of air website traffic controllers is also introducing fears. The Navi Mumbai airport plan is at present trapped and a actual relief can only arrive once the job of Navi Mumbai is designed. In the necessarily mean time the authorities can acquire care of the Surface Motion Radar so that they can address the protection difficulties to an extent.

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