1. The new turbine that they were swapping into the plane was spinning (admittedly quite slowly) even without actually being attached to the plane in any way, Im guessing this is because of the wind, but as I understand it, this is bad for the engines because when they're not running, they don't get the lubrication that they need thus damaging the engines. Shouldn't they have put an engine cover to stop it? Or is it really not that serious?

  2. the pilot should keep a dashcam on the whole time on his 777, you never know if these cats take it for a joy ride.

  3. Donald will put a stop to RR engines being replaced here

    they will am be GM made engines from now on and they misty be built in Detroit with workers jamming to ZZ-TOP

  4. I used to wash planes for Continental Airlines at Bush here in Houston, Texas, I washed a triple 7 one night, It took us 5 hours with a crew of  4.  other planes were 737s 757 and a DC 9 for Northwest Airlines, The company we worked for was Accufleet.

  5. Well done!  Thank you also for the information.Fun seeing the fans spinning from breezes blowing through them.Nice seeing lightning!  Would be nice to have a clock in view.Neat vacuum vortexes!

  6. My mechanics told me to leave my girlfried 1 litre engine Toyota Yaris car for a week at the garage to change the engine, after one week they need more time, it has been 2 weeks now… Boeing could have changed 56 engines of the 777 in that time….I should have bought my girlfriend a boeing instead of the Toyota Yaris.

  7. why was the engine that had been taken off, why were the fans blades randomly spinning? even when it was completely off

  8. It took six hours to change the engine in a Boeing 777, how long could it take for an Airbus A380? Just imagine!!

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