Easiest airliner to land yet…


  1. Mr. Browne how does flying a 777 Boeing in contrast to the pilot skills draining Air Bus equivalent plane compare? Can you do a video on this please/
    Thank you.

  2. Excellent video, as a flight simulator enthusiast, I learned a lot from this video. It's good to get a pilot's perspective about the superb Boeing 777.

    Like they say:

    "If it's not a Boeing, I'm not going".

  3. I am trippin' out .  is there anythi. . . strike that . if you came back at us with_______ oh lets say a review of the latest 15 hour brain surgery you performed , I would not be shocked .     love this guy

  4. Dear Mr. Juan,
    Glad to know that aircraft are being designed with the pilot in mind.
    (you might have heard this … when the C-5a was first assigned to Dover AFB, 1971, the latest greatest thing was that the aircraft was designed to be run from instructions on a cassette tape, from takeoff to landing.)

  5. I'll never get to ride on a B777 but the most advanced to date aircraft I did ride on from LAX to ORD was the B738. Very first trip on that model impressed me so much because it was so smooth. We did the t/o to the west, out over the ocean and when it came time to roll around over Long Beach you could not tell you were turning. For some reason the older a/c pushes you into the seat while banking but this dash 8 did not. I don't know if this is due to bank limiters now incorporated in newer jet designs or if I had a really good pilot. Either way, now when booking flights I triple check the a/c type for the available flights and I choose Boeing only a/c when available. Don't have much to say about Airbus except they ride like cattle cars in the Army and I don't like them. My personal favorite is still the MD-88 in the larger a/c and the B717 in the smaller a/c. Actually now I can add B737-8 to that list. I love flying more than anything in the world but hate the commotion and red tape inside the terminals. Thankfully IND is a smaller airport and easier to move about and quickly get through security without much hassles.

  6. This just popped up in my feed tonight because I watched one or two of your Oroville Videos. Now I have to subscribe 🙂
    For now I think the easiest plane to land has to be the Arrow I'm flying out of Auburn…HAHA

  7. Nicely done. Superb feedback on the B-777 flight deck feel and how to manage LHR. It's a busy place to land (and take off) when weather socks it in.

  8. Starting watching your Oroville Dam videos which are fabulous by the way and now the 777 video. I knew you were a pilot as some of your videos were from Brazil. Thanks for posting good quality info on the dam, your info is right on the money. I hope to someday meet you and yak about motorcycles and planes. When you are ready for a day on Shasta Lake you let me know. You are invited to be our guest on our party barge. You would fit right in with our group. Keep up the good work producing quality videos.

  9. I see a sailboat in the background. I've sailed a Catalina 270 in San Diego. I live in Milwaukee and sail on Lake Michigan from May to Nov. Do you have any sailing videos ?
    Great job on these videos. Does your right arm get tired holding the cam out there ?

  10. When Juan talks about the 777, he should have one foot on a stool with an good quality 14" cucumber tucked in his pants around the groin area. It sends a strong, confident, yet subtle, message to the viewer that Boeing products are top notch.

  11. Excellent video.  Good to see a review of the 777 from the perspective of a pilot.  For the last 2.5 years I've been commuting between Houston and Saudi Arabia.  Although I'm all for "Support America", I'm using Emirates (don't judge me) due to the fact that the schedules fit mine the best.  Up until July last year they were using the A380 on the DXB-IAH route, which averages about 16 hours in the air.  Let me tell you, that is one sweet plane!  Last July, they switched to the 777-300ER.  The ONLY thing I don't like about the 777 is that the seats are 1" narrower.  That may not seem like much, but on a full flight, it makes a difference!  Keep the videos coming, and include more aviation stuff when you can!

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