comparison between the 777-300ER and the A340-600.

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  1. i always choose the 777-300er and never had i gave it up for other long distance planes that i don't like

  2. I love the 777-300ER but I have to give it to the a340-600 cos of it Range and Cargo capability plus Price and it fast too.

  3. From a passenger comfort perspective, the A340 is absolutely the winner. And nothing move beautiful than seeing an A340 coming in for landing imho. But the popularity of the 777 is undeniable, a true workhorse. It's just unfortunate that most airlines are installing narrow as hell high density seating on every 777 out there.

  4. Among commercial long range aircraft flyable today the Airbus A340-600s are probably the new world dinosaurs that have brought many airlines the most grief. The four outdated engines mean the plane is a gas guzzler with the cost per seat mile among the highest, if not the highest in the industry. Even at the depth of the oil price slump early last year some airlines such as Thai Airways couldn't fly them without a significant loss. Now in the used commercial aircraft market these planes are simply no-takers. The Boeing 777-300ER meanwhile is also a bit outdated, economically speaking, but nowhere near as disastrous as the Airbus and still viable.

  5. no pictures of Iberia A340-600? Iberia is the second airline in number of A340-600 (17), just behind Lufthansa (24)!!!

  6. The introductory picture shows the a340-600 as twin engine!!!! It's a 4-engines as in the inside pictures.

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