Video courtesy of Sir David Goodship
Airplane Boeing 777 and Bombardier Dash 8 attempts to land in Birmingham airport during strong winds


  1. I would bet the pilot of that dash-8 was standing on the right rudder pedal before he flared and sat it down on the mains. I think he should have gone around.

  2. This has to be the most f**ked place to land except for Pittsburgh and a lot of time National which is now called Ronald Regan. Scary and yet part of flying. I hate to fly and all that is told..flying is like driving. I beg to differ. Each time you board.. might be your last.

  3. was  working only 100 metres from the runway inline with the runway and witnessed some rather scary landings and aborts in  very stormy conditions   wouldnt have wanted to be a pilot or passenger on any plane trying to land here on that day 

  4. First of all it was well within SOPs for this aircraft until right before T/D when a gust exceeded max allowable crosswind landing.  

  5. Jeez! Only ONE out of THREE put some rubber on the tarmac! Bloody girls! … What's the worst that could happen????????? 😉

  6. Why to the pro pilots never try side slipping?  It's much better than crabbing.  It is most likely because it would freak people out in the cabin.

  7. Text book crosswind landing by the Dash at the second attempt – looked like the wind had dropped slightly, nicely done! Thanks for posting

  8. The amazing thing here is…  a B-52 would have had no problem landing in this… they land in crabs (sideways) all the time with swiveling landing gear that aline with the runway center-line! 

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