Demonstration of an engine failure during the takeoff roll in a Boeing 777.

This video was produced for the CRM/NTS training environment so, as such, doesn’t necessarily demonstrate or reflect best operating or SOP compliant practices.

These videos were produced for exclusive use by BeliefMedia. There is no airline affiliation.

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  1. Really that reaction? Wow superpilot lol. Btw first pilot was always looking the engine situation as no one do it in normal flight. Nice video bad actors:)


  3. In fact they did something wrong! in the case of a failed engine you should not use reverst thrust just brakes, idle thrust and brakes!

  4. I think that video wasn't cool, because the crew member knew about engine failure.
    I hope that they will able to make rejected t/off in a similar situation in really plane.
    In is a standard procedure on the ground for pilots trained.
    thanks a lot

  5. Could some pilot please tell me, (I'm not a pilot, but always wanted to be), what indication the pilot had that alerted him to an engine failure? I've watched it a number of times, but I can't find it.

  6. and why was the EGT still at ~ 500 C? the N1 was almost out!! If fire, then it should nit be same as the L engine!!

  7. Okay geeze – whomever at the flight training center ordered/purchased the simulator should be canned. It's in an enclosed room. Bolted to the floor. Totally not gonna' go anywhere. So why ever would one waste the money on 'reversers' for a simulator that's never going to make it even as far as the cafeteria down the hall? Rather like paying for a 'parachute' option for one's water heater or fridge.

    (yes folks that was a little jest, I wasnt serious, no need to go into Youtube comment board fantasia flame mode 😉

  8. What I want to know is what would have happened to their giant Tonka toy if this happened after take off at an altitude of 2 or 300ft?

  9. the reason for doing this hours of flight in the simulators is to get use to this kind of problems
    but if the pilot is expecting the failure than the training is useless . just like the sully movie .

  10. Watch the movie Sully and then you will see this video in such a different way. These simulations nearly crushed his life and reputation. Makes you appreciate the human factor involved when a situation like this or any other emergency happens without warning.

  11. I was on a NALO flight out of NASJRB New Orleans in a C-9, we had to abort our take off due to a tire blow out. It took nearly all of the remaining runway to stop. Threw a chunk of the flap into the port engine. Luckily, the pilots (reservists) were American Airlines pilots and they had just went through take off abort simulations the previous weekend. A fun time was had by all.

  12. 1:10 STOP – No auto ground spoiler ops on the 777 ?? (with throttles retarding) Can't imagine this plane does not have this feature.

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