The Year Of The Boeing 777 First Flight June 12, 1994 a Boeing company copyright


  1. Oh for gods sakes really?? Interview the pilot and 'how he prepares'? LMAO
    And the controller….cleared for takeoff. OH WOW!! GOLLY GEE!! LMAO
    The pilot gets inside, sits his ass in the captains seat, starts the engines, shoves the throttles forward and pulls back on the stick. GOSH… please!! How….how….SPECIAL!. GAWD.

  2. my top 5 favorite planes

    1.boeing 777

    2.boeing 787

    3.boeing 747

    4.concorde a380

    these planes are my favorite and its my opinion on them

  3. Still superior to the 787. I am so happy that some of the large airlines like Emirates are going for the 777X in the future.

  4. I love how whenever Boeing test one of their absolutely awesome jets, the test pilots are always in casual clothes and seem very relaxed… airbus on the other hand, bright orange jump suits and ridiculous helmets with a few parachutes…

  5. @HeathrowSpottingHD, Boeing is hard at work right now on the the new 777X. It will have a new wing design and more efficient GE9X engines.

  6. Must be a magic moment when your a Boeing designer Engineer and see your work taking off. I know alot of tragedy has happened lately but this was and still is the world's safest twin engine airline.  

  7. Glad to know the 777 has been on the go for almost 20 years I'm flying to thailand via Dubai in couple of weeks and 3 of the flights are on the 777 300er and one flight on the 777 200

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