Nice view of the jet engine at startup and takeoff.
GE 90 Jet engine


  1. I never see the engines when I fly.
    The sound always puts me to sleep by the time we're lifting ofkijnvgdfjluyrvcllk zzzzzzzzzzzzz…

  2. question: what would happen if you were to put the front fan of the ge90 onto the trent 800 engine. would that be considerably more powerful than the ge90-115?

  3. A single GE90-115B engine could suck all the air out of an NBA stadium in seconds. This engine can propel a jumbo 747 on a single engine. The pilot will have so much more power than before. This engine makes possible new gigantic aircraft that have not yet been developed. Four of these engines could power an aircraft that seats 1,000 passengers…

  4. As engines start to become more efficient they are becoming more quiet. The days of the loud roar are over. It's sad for us aviation geeks but it would represent a technological feat if an engine made no sound because that would mean no energy is being wasted and they are 100% efficient.

  5. Full Power ???
    Errrrrr i think not = The pilots will have used what they call "Take Off Power"
    Think they calculate it on things like Runway length, Weight of Aircraft, Altitude, Air Pressure etc etc.

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