Can we get much closer than this? 777 pushback with explanations.
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  1. Nice! Wich Software you use for editing and with witch effencs you make the explanations? Thanks for your answer

  2. Pretty impressive footage. I know we take it for granted but it's really amazing how those engines keep a plane up and at speed.

  3. Hi there! Your videos are amazing! Are you French? Cause you have something really French in your video, something kind of romantic. I have watched your aviation music videos and I have just noticed that!

  4. Bravo!! Liked and sub'd. I used to work at an airport and had to go on the ramp a lot…there is nothing more amazing than seeing a jet that close up. Also, awesome visual effects.

  5. OMG!!! 777-300ER is my favourite airplane!! This video is insane, I love it!!! Please keep uploading this kind of videos!!
    Cheers from Uruguay!!

  6. Super la qualité ! Super vidéo !
    Tu as quoi comme caméra ? Et tu utilises quoi pour ton montage vidéo ? Il y a un plugin particulier pour les légendes que tu as insérés ?
    Continue en tout cas, c'est chouette !!

  7. Excellent Video as always! I liked the information as well, but what is that thing at the tail at 2:36? And on how much mm was this filmed/how close did you stand to the aircraft while taxiing? Huge like as always man!

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