Boeing 777 Steering | Main and Nose Gear Steering


  1. Hello "Best Videos"!

    I just stumble upon your great youtube channel as I was doing some research for my upcoming technical video.

    I was wanting to ask you if I could use maybe 10-15 seconds from this video to explain the upcoming topic a little better 🙂

    It´s not for commercial use, only to educate younger aviation enthusiasts. I would obviously mention your channel in the description + link directly to your channel 🙂

    Looking forward to hear from you and thanks for your time 🙂


    Joe (youtube Channel: Captain Joe)

  2. Main gear steering is necessary because of it's 3-axel design. It's only for tight turns during taxi and towing.

  3. I know sometimes maintenance guys have to work on stuff to get it working right, but this kind of looks like dry steering.  I suppose jacking up the nose isn't really an option….

  4. wow! how do they independently maneuver the main gears like that and for what reason? That was pretty cool though

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