Takeoff is at 6:45 for those who don’t feel like waiting.
In real life, it would take us about one hour to prepare the aircraft (fueling, set up cockpit, aligned the Inertial reference units, prepare charts, program flight management computer, doing checklists, calculate takeoff data, prepare cabin (by cabin crew), loading food and cargo, boarding passengers, finished all the paper works, etc.) and around 5-30 minutes from pushback, start and taxi before the plane is actually airborne.
But on a hurry (say we have to evacuate the airplane from the airport for some reason) we can prepare cockpit and pushback as soon as the inertial reference unit is fully aligned which took about 7minutes (assuming the refueling is finished).


  1. 90% of passengers have a sickly, nervous look in their eyes when flying. They try to hide it but to no avail. FLying is perfectly safe. I do it all the time. And I don't look nervous.

  2. My son is a pilot and we are thrilled and proud of him. When we meet his fellow pilots we are always amazed at the enthusiasm these guys and girls have for what they do. I would be amazed when talking to a pilot if ever I heard one of them say, that they didn't want to go into work today, or they are sick of work, or they can't stand their job. They are one of the most committed groups of people I have ever met and they all love flying and they all love planes and they all love being pilots.

  3. Looks like departure from beautiful A-—–? Uh-oh, I just read on other video not to post airport cause u might get in trouble. Ok.

  4. I would love to fly in a 777 as passenger.
    I've only been in 737's and the 757 of United & Dutchbird.
    My favourite plane till now is the 757 because it's called 'the rocket' love the thrust!

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