Two nice Takeoffs from this
Boeing 777 Company PIA and Singapore
I looove this Engine SOUND^^
With ATC


  1. It's wired entering the runway like that. Normally the planes at any Airport in the world, taxi on the turnaround of the runway before take off. But at Manchester airport, it does a bit of both turnaround the taxi line and cutting into the runway before takeoff. I don't know why that is happening.

  2. Those GE90 engines hold the Record for maximum thrust at 127,900 pounds of thrust under  test.    Those GE90 engines also hold the Record for the longest Commercial Airliner flight at 13,422 miles.

  3. The favorite take-off video of all time – with a double trip-seven punch. PIA one, 25 seconds from full-power to rotation – sickening acceleration.

  4. The 777 is the only aircraft with such a dramatic and beautiful take off rotation attitude. As it lifts off, the stern drops and the airliner kites up', as if on a virtual tailwind, like a U-2 and just launches into a 70 degree angle as it reaches higher in one go.  Even the pretty 787 takeoff is a non-event in comparison. I rode in an 777 and it without fail did just that. It was like Chuck Yeager in a vertical ascent -sitting in economy, in my seat felt like 5 g's pressing me into the headrest  :D. 

  5. This is where I really wish smell a vision was a realty. Imagine watching this while smelling burning Jet A.. There is nothing better than the smell of jet fuel!

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