The Boeing 777 program has built 1,000 airplanes faster than any other wide-body airplane in history. Voted favorite airplane by passengers year over year, the 777 has set the bar among all airplane types. See the HD version at

There was a great team of people who worked together to design, build and deliver the world’s best airplane. Here’s a glimpse into the world of these amazing craftsmen.


  1. When you've got people saying that their not the first generation to work at Boeing there's a reason for that and it's not just a passion for aviation being passed on its a privilege.

  2. Hail, to the experienced Boeing-Everette ground crews and shop technicians in the greater Seattle. Work force! None better anywhere!

  3. So sweet work at the best at Boeing i ''m Sokkheng is have something Good with in u s thank you so much

  4. 各セクション事のコミニケイションを取りエンジニアリングエキスパート人が伝統技術と改革&改新をしながら、まさに手作りの感あり。

  5. Fui aos Estados Unidos num 777 e voltei num 767 da United Airlines. Voos maravilhosos, pousos suaves tanto na ida quanto na volta.

  6. I'm a cnc machinists for over 20 years. building blades that goes into giant power turbines. but it will be a dream to work for Boeing. I'll do my 1st year for free.

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