Flying close to the East coast of the United States, we could see this Air France Boeing 777 that was flying close to us only a few hundred meters away and below our altitude. I was on flight AA57 from London Heathrow to Miami also on a Boeing 777.

AA 57 London Heathrow(LHR/EGLL) – Miami(MIA). Boeing 777


  1. these airlines should be prosecuted as well as the body that controls international aviation. this is playing with the lives of all on both planes!

  2. Once on the plane I saw a giant blue light flash and I was like wtf then I looked out he window and saw a giant KLM sign I was like lol they were flying over us

  3. Plane#1: Afternoon AF22
    AF: Afternoon, how's the weather up there?
    Plane#1: Bout the same as down there.
    AF: copy that.
    Plane#1: So like where ya heading to?
    AF: Im on my way to Paris. Just left from LA a while ago. And you?
    Plane#1: London, but I bet most people might take a train to Paris.
    AF: why not take the plane all the way to paris?
    Plane#1: 1word cheaper.
    AF: I see, BTW, I'm kinda self-conscious of you being above us without having a thought of something happening. So do you think you can move a little further to the right of our path. I'll go left.
    Plane#1: (thinks about it) yea sounds like a good idea.
    Preventing accidents before it happens, interesting over the great north Atlantic air highway. Good catch.

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