Which one of these planes do you like more? Write it in the comments. In addition to that please tell me which planes I should compare next. You can vote in the comment section by writing “777” or “330”.

The first Boeing 777 was delivered to United Airlines in 1995. Unbelieveable how fast time flies, the 777 is already 22 yeras old. As of February 2017 1467 Boeing 777s have been built. It has received more orders than any other wiedebody. Boeing continued developing the Triple seven and soon the BOeing 777x will be delivered.

The first Airbus 330 was delivered in 1992. As of February 2017 1330 airframes have been built. The first aircraft was delivered to Air Inter in 1994. Just like Boeing Airbus also continues developing the Airbus A330 and soon the Airbus 330neo will be delivered.

Featured Boeing 777 planes:
1.) Alitalia
2.) KLM
3.) KLM
4.) ANA – All Nippon
5.) Turkish Airlines
6.) Alitalia
7.) United Airlines
8.) Kenya Airways
9.) Emirates
10.) Qatar Cargo
11.) Garuda Indonesia
12.) Thai Airways
13.) China Southern Cargo
14.) Aerologic
15.) Austrian Airlines

Featured Airbus 330 planes:
1.) Air Berlin
2.) Etihad Airways
3.) Delta Airlines
4.) Etihad Airways (Visit Abu Dhabi special c/s)
5.) Air Berlin
6.) AIr Berlin
7.) Hifly
8.) Shaheen Airways
9.) Hifly
10.) FlyNas
11.) Turkish Cargo
12.) Turkish Airlines
13.) China Eastern
14.) Hifly

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  1. Boeing builds and designs aircraft that look like they were born to fly, beautiful and sleek. Airbus makes things that look like the same design from 1995 with upgraded winglets or whatever. The 747 design alone puts everything Airbus to shame. The wings alone on a 777, or a 747 8, or a 787 puts anything Airbus makes to shame. Airbus even managed to screw up the A380 looks. It is one of the ugliest aircraft in the sky today. The 777-300 vs anything Airbus isn't even a competition. The Airbus A330 is nothing but a A340 with 2 engines and that's about it. The A350 was almost a descent looking airplane until they tried to do something cool with that rediculous bandit cockpit design. But hay, at least they have that (dangerous) I mean awesome side stick garbage!

  2. I see both everyday, flew the A330 1st class, such a smooth flight.. Did not flew the triple yet but heard of it often, seems quite powerful and it's the one that flies the farest, nothing comes close to its range.,. Hard one.. nil

  3. 777 has more orders. a330 is older and safer. 777 is the Largest twin jet. a330 was the largest twin jet before the 777. Both have improved versions coming like the 777x and a330neo but I like the a330-200!

  4. I choose the A330. But the problem is I don't really see what we're comparing. And they can't be compared either way. The A330 is for medium haul and the 777 is for long haul flights. So I wouldn't wanna compare them.

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