Boeing 777-223(ER) N761AJ & N772AN American Airlines VS Airbus A330 (A2E45C) American Airlines at Barcelona El Prat Airport (BCN)

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  1. In my opinion, the A330 is my pick. While the 777 is beautiful, I always found the nose to look "grumpy" and "aggressive", while the A330 looks "smart" and far more bird-like. I've heard 777s take off in DUB, and I honestly don't know what's so special about the GE90. I only remember one thing: my ears ironically not bleeding halfway through the takeoff roll.

    The Finnair A330 is an absolutely gorgeous plane. Even down to the GE CF6-80E1 engines.

  2. In case of the A330 vs 777 it's ''Really'' hard to say which of them is better………very much airlines use both of them in 1 fleet…… so that explains it was a very difficult choice for them too….
    For me the A330 is like a handsome lady, the 777 like a tough guy……

  3. airbus its much better than yanks planes look the new a350 or the fantastic a380 and never forget the concorde .im real want fly in airbus planes than yanks planes

  4. I do not like a330 landing because it touches the wheels behind then fails to get the plane down and so you have to go with it
    Horizontal stabilizers, while the 777 is fluid to landing and goes alone without help

  5. The A350 and the A330 are the only two plane Airbus makes that even resemble a cool looking design. Airbus is notorious for making ugly planes. The wings alone on a 777 are more beautiful than anything Airbus makes period. Not arguing quality, I know Airbus builds fine aircraft. I am simply talking about looks. The 747 and the 787 are simply untouchable as far as looks go. I don't understand why Airbus can't figure out how to make good looking jet? I mean the A380? Give me a break. Not to mention the sidestick design. Garbage and dangerous.

  6. The A330 is better in take off and landing performance, it needs less runway to lift up and to stop and a lower rotate speed and touchdown speed because of its long wings, but the B777 is more advanced technically and looks cooler with those fat engines!!!

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