Here is a short video to compare two differents engines from two differents airplanes. First of all, we have the mythic General Electric GE90 which equipes the Boeing 777. I really appreciate this one with his majestic and caracteristic sound, we can feel the power!
I’ve compared it with the General Electric CF6. We can find this one on differents airplanes such as Airbus A300, Airbus A310, Airbus A330, Boeing 747, Boeing 767, McDonnell Douglas DC-10 or McDonnell Douglas MD-1. Here you’ll discover it on a classic Airbus A330-200.
I took these videos during a summer morning in Paris CDG Airport, as you can see, the luminosity was beautiful! I hope you’ll like it! These airplanes belong to Air France.
Make your choice between the two engines, and tell me which one you prefer 🙂

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Airplanes’ informations:

* Boeing 777-328(ER)
Air France
Registration [F-GZNC]
Flight AF457 / AFR457
GRU Sao Paulo – CDG Paris

* Airbus A330-203
Air France
Registration [F-GZCF]
Flight AF385 / AFR385
CCS Caracas – CDG Paris

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  1. How tf people voting for the a330. They are so ignorant. 777 is literally better in every way. Engines are way bigger. A330 is trash.

  2. I am an Airbus fan but.
    P&W engines??? Nah m8. I vote for the 777.
    I only accept the RR Trents on the A330. But I don't really mind 😉

    Pls don't charge at me Airbus fans :/ I don't wanna argue with anyone.

  3. The A330 reverse thrust depends on the engine. On certain engines, it's a reverse thrust like on the 777 engines in which part of the engine slides back. On the other type of engine, 4 panels on the engines lift up to provide reverse thrust.

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