Best of my clips of these three classics heavies.

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  1. Boeing and Airbus make more eye-pleasing airplanes and of better quality. Western aircraft manufacturing technology has always been leaps ahead of Russian technology, but they seem to be catching up. Slowly.

  2. the IL 96 is apparently a quite nice aircraft but the most powerfull aircraft in the world is the 777 nothing can beat the power of ge90's !

  3. the 96 looks like a cross breed between the 777 and the 340 because of the wide body of the 777 and the sleek looking nose and wings of the 340=il96 baby is born

  4. Ну Боинг и Аирбас,то понятно,что что тот хлам ИЛ с ними делает ? Знаю,сейчас начнется срач….На СТАРТ)

  5. Boeing 777 should be with Airbus 330 not with ilyushin ll-96 and A-340 …. Cause Boeing 777 only have 2 engines…

  6. How can you even compare one to each other. Boeing 777 is smaller and has less wheels as well engines. I flew a 787 dreamliner and that planie is unbelivable. Russian plane is new and ofcourse Russian trolls will support only Russian stuff, but with the bad history of so many air crashes no one wants to fly with you. Maybe we should see in this forum who prefers Lufthansa versus Unided versus Aeroflot ?

  7. 777 wins for its efficiency, but the A340 and IL96 wins for the design and looks and engine sound (not noise level). TRUST ME, THE 777 LOOKS HORRIBLE ON THE OUTSIDE. NOSE LOOKS UGLY, ENGINES SOUND NOTHING LIKE HOW AN AIRPLANE SHOULD SOUND LIKE, ETC.

  8. Unfortunately there is no Boeing 777-300ER in this video, she is the best widebody jetliner every built. Until now there is 432 Boeing 777-300ER delivered and one of them serves in Russian Aeroflot Airlines.

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