Which of these planes do you like more? The Boeing 777 or the McDonnell Douglas Md-11? Write it in the comments. In addition to that please tell me which planes I should compare next. You decide !!

It` s time for another “aviation battle”. A few weeks ago someone came up with the idea to compare the B777 withe Md11. A good idea in my opinion cause both were built in the same decade and they both started as competitors. I decided to use only clips of the B777-200. The B777-300 is too big to compare it with the MD-11

The Boeing 777 had its first flight in 1994, since then 1360 planes have been built. The Md-11 had its inaugural flight in 1990 and since then only 200 aircrafts have left the production line.

The Boeing 777 is a family of long-range wide-body twin-engine jet airliners developed and manufactured by Boeing Commercial Airplanes. It is the world’s largest twinjet and has a typical seating capacity for 314 to 451 passengers, with a range of 5,235 to 9,500 nautical miles (9,695 to 17,594 km). Commonly referred to as the “Triple Seven”, its distinguishing features include the largest-diameter turbofan engines of any aircraft, six wheels on each main landing gear, fully circular fuselage cross-section and a blade-shaped tail cone. Developed in consultation with eight major airlines, the 777 was designed to replace older wide-body airliners and bridge the capacity difference between Boeing’s 767 and 747. As Boeing’s first fly-by-wire airliner, it has computer-mediated controls. It is also the first commercial aircraft to be designed entirely with computer-aided design.

The McDonnell Douglas MD-11 is a three-engine medium- to long-range wide-body jet airliner, manufactured by McDonnell Douglas and, later, by Boeing Commercial Airplanes. Based on the DC-10, it features a stretched fuselage, increased wingspan with winglets, refined airfoils on the wing and smaller tailplane, new engines and increased use of composite materials. Two of its engines are mounted on underwing pylons and a third engine at the base of the vertical stabilizer. It also features a glass cockpit that decreases the flight deck crew from the three required on the DC-10 to two by eliminating the need for a flight engineer.


  1. The MD-11 is my favorite plane of all time, but honestly, if MD ditched the third engine and put 2 more powerful ones with a more efficient wing design, the MD could've easily been a thorn in the 777's side. Might've even saved MD from Boeing's grasp. I do love the 777 though. It's the only plane on Earth that can give a 747 a run for its money.

  2. The MD-11 is the fastest landing aircraft in the world. Fighters are the only ones that land any faster. And it looks more aggressive with the tail engine

  3. I prefer the McDonnell Douglas md-11 because it just looks more powerful and it's an older aircraft that just needs more time to look at

  4. I know this Video is old but I like both the T7 and md11 but the only problem I have is that the landing speed for the MD11 is to fast and the fact the aircraft bounces almost all the time on landing

  5. Obviously the 777. The MD11 is literally smaller than the 777 by 2 times and not only that, the 777-300ER can fly with 2 engines and farther that the MD11. I mean you literally can't deny the GE90-115B engines.

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