A new coffee table is derived from a Boeing 777 wheel.

There are various recycled designs that are undoubtedly pretty awesome. Take a new coffee table derived from a Boeing 777 wheel. It’s made available by the UK based company, Fallen Furniture.

The furniture piece is a true one-of-a-kind. The wheel rests on its side with a circular glass table top affixed to it; the transparency highlighting the unbelievably shiny hand polished aluminum.

The Boeing label protrudes through the middle of the glass serving as a makeshift centerpiece. While the design element can be described as masculine due to its mechanical

The tabletop measures 40 inches in diameter. Retailing for a little more than $5,700, this stunning coffee table is also a work of art.

Over 150 hours of labor were put into the creation and assembly of the table. What do you think of the Boeing 777 wheel coffee table?

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