This Boeing 777 wing was tested to destruction, finally breaking at one fifty four percent of the designed limit load.


  1. Its not only the brutal force, its the repeating fluctuations and attrition the wing can handle Im intrested in. How about that?

  2. Jesus. Now I'm not afraid of flying. I get scared when the plane shakes a little. But now I know that the wings can basically go vertical and still be okay

  3. %154 thats pretty good, at what angle is the wing sitting at before failure? it looks like its anywhere between 55-65 degrees before it snapped

  4. All joking aside, this is one of the reasons I love flying on the 777–the piece of mind that it's one of the finest engineered airplanes in the world. Granted some of the newer models coming out are also very well made.

  5. It collapsed %154 of it's maximum limit. Authority says that wings must be strong enough to deal with it's maximum limit x 1.5.

  6. WOW!!!!! Not sure what the percentage was. I think it was around 144% of design limit or something like that. Nonetheless, a wing that can go beyond 50% of what it will ever encounter in actual flight is some amazing engineering.

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