*Promotion* Boeing 777 Worldliner Professional for X-plane 10 (VMAX & Flight Factor). Recently updated to version 1.8 with new HDR cabin lightening.

Please view in 1080p 60 FPS!

The most advanced and complex simulation of an aircraft for X-Plane. Built with technical input from engineers, pilots and Boeing, this Boeing 777 is as close as you can get to the real one.

– Officially licensed By the Boeing © Corporation
– Accurate dimensions based on 2D and 3D drawings supplied by Boeing ©

Professional systems – Fly the 777 like a pro
– Systems designed to work like the thing – Accurate flight model tuned by pilots – Comprehensive Manuals

Fully Functional FMS – Plan your routes like a real pilot
– Custom designed Flight Management Computer, integrated with other plane systems
– Custom programmed LNAV logic for terminal procedures
– Custom designed Navigation Display
– Tterminal procedure database with RNAV approaches and transitions
– VNAV managed climbs and descends
– Takeoff and approach speed calculation
– Custom autopilot modes for autoland
– Optimum cruise performance and step climb calculation
– True-to-life radio navigation with procedural-, route-, and navigation support auto-tuning
– Custom programmed FMC navigation using GPS-, radio- or inertial navigation with individual position errors and management of actual and required navigation performance
– Magnetic, true and polar grid course reference
– Alternate airports, diversion and arrival management
– Ground proximity warning system using real sounds
– FMC can be used on external touchscreen or tablet, optimized for the new iPad

Incredible 3D modeling – the best eye-candy
– Amazing virtual cockpit with crisp details – Dynamic reflections
– Custom 3D sounds and Announcements
– Add-ons: Push-back truck, Fuel Truck, Passenger bus and Emergency slides …
– On-Screen Menus: Configuration and loading menu, Quick Zoom
– new in v1.80: Superb night lighting in cockpit.

Music from Epidemic Sounds:
Johannes Bornlöf – In The Beginning 3

(C) Thomas Rasmussen 2015


  1. Again not to be rude but it's kinda over priced because the original 777 package cost 80 dollars this is 50 dollars just for one kind the LR

  2. Thomas may we use some of your video in our Airline2Sim Boeing 777 Cadet Training series? We have a small section on using the 777 in X-Plane and these are beautiful visuals.

  3. Did anybody get this and think it was great when they got it (Pre-PMDG 777) but then got the PMDG 777 in Prepar3d (if you are allowed to use it) and now don't touch this bird simply because the PMDG brings more to the table?

    I'm not hating this plane, it looks really nice in X-Plane 10 but, compared to PMDG – it really challenges it…

  4. Hi, I've been having troubles with the triple 7 on Mac OSX lately. Whenever I try to load up version 183 x-plane always crashes, could you help?

  5. Hi i bought the Boeing 777 extended pack i was blown away everything is great best aircraft i have bought but i was wondering how you turn on that airport map at the left side of the cockpit i didn't thought it worked until i watched this video because at at 0:20 seconds into the video it lighted up and what looked like iaco's appeared to the side. I have tried to press the brighter button but it won't light up just wondering thanks

  6. Nice video Thomas Rasmussen, i love the 777 ;-)!!!

    Hi people of youtube.
    I have the 777 Extended V1.6, recently i was looking about the new update V1.8 of the 777 but i don´t know which are the proper steps for do it.
    I saw that the original plane from the CD comes with 4GB more or less of memory, but the update is about 1,03GB, inside the file with that comes are the 3 planes, i don´t know if must remove the old versions and put the new version inside the old file, or simply uninstall the old version and put the new with the new file with that this comes(1.03GB).
    Well that´s all, if somebody can tell me the proper steps please reply this comment.


  7. Do you know where I can get a checklist for this airplane? I cannot find an actual document checklist in the folder.

  8. Hello, nice video, I love it…it looks so real and the soundtrack is also awesome, where did you get that track, do you have the song's name?, and what is the scenery on the last approach?, I love how it looks like; I just bought the B777 last week so I'm still learning how to fly. Thanks!!!

  9. Hello,
    I know you posted those Top 10 Videos more than a year ago, but I´m stuck in the setup for the serviced planes in windows. I am not sure where to put these files to get it working. I tried using WED but they don´t appear in the game.
    It would be awesome if you could help me.

  10. Hey so I just installed the flytampa Copenhagen scenery and it looks fine in fsx, but when I converted it over to x-plane terminals were missing, where the apron was suppose to be there was just black and what not. But looking at your video from yesterday your EKCH scenery looked just fine. Any idea why I'm having this problem?

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