An Evergreen Group Boeing 777/300ER quick assembly


  1. Interesting to see how construction has changed. Search for V Australia and British Airways recent 777 launch videos. They both use similar stock footage from Boeing but are still quite enjoyable for an aviation nut!

  2. @incheon but like malaysia airlines, qatar, singapore they have 773er but still the 744 as primary.. 773/2 only for short distance..i think the states really have to think about replacing the 744….

  3. 200-270 million, around. It really depends on the airline configuration. I'm pretty sure a 77W for SQ will cost more than, say, NH or something.

  4. Engines are used to create Thrust, and the wing and tail surfaces are used to create Lift. The aircraft must be able to create the exact amount of Lift that equals its Weight or more, otherwise it would just stay on the ground.The flow of air which moves against the upper and lower portion of the wing is different in pressure and speed, and that difference is what creates the force of Lift. So, the force of Lift depends on speed, meaning, more Speed = more Lift = airplane climbs, and vice versa

  5. yes, but not only aluminum. it is also built from composite materials to keep the weight down to a minimum. composite parts are the engine housing, tail fin and rudder, the floor in the passenger space, and so on..

  6. Not buit too fast other than the sped up tape. Eva is a great airline but the
    GE90-115B is a big problem waiting too happen. Unbalanced, major vibrations on take off, unusal amount off occurences with these engines on Singapore air, Air Canada etc etc

  7. They Make It Look So Easy! Love Boeing, They Really Do Make The Best Aircraft Ever, I Dont Know What The Big Fuss Is About The A380, Itss Soo Crap ! So Ugly, Anyway Its Not Bigger Than The 747-400, Its Smaller In Length

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