Passengers on a plane diverted to Sweden because of a bomb threat arrive safely at a Karachi airport.

The plane had left Canada bound for Pakistan when a woman called Canadian police warning someone on the flight was carrying explosives.

No explosive were found, and a man initially detained was set free.

Still, for passengers on the Pakistan International Airlines flight, it was a tense ordeal.

[Mohammad Umer Memon, Flight OPK782 Passenger]:
“That passenger was sitting next to me. He looked drunk. He was behaving strangely. Later he became normal. But they made the plane land in Sweden and the whole plane was searched. Now we are here. They detained that man in Sweden and now we hear they have set him free.”

[Mrs. Afzal, Flight OPK782 Passenger]:
“It wasn’t panicky. Everybody was calm and quiet because at that time we didn’t know what was happening. The Swedish government took care of us. So, we were all calm and quiet. But it was horrifying.”

As the plane was parked at Stockholm’s airport on on Saturday, the 255 passengers were evacuated while police and fire fighters stood by.

The aircraft was in Swedish airspace when word of the threat reached the pilot.

Swedish authorities later said there wasn’t enough evidence to arrest the man suspected of carrying explosives.

The PIA Boeing 777 eventually changed crew in Manchester, England before flying on to Pakistan.

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