How could the flight of Malaysia Airways disappear in March 2014, leaving no trace? An air visitors controller has investigated and delivered his assumptions.


On March eight, 2014, a Boeing 777 of Malaysia Airways took off from Kuala Lumpur in the way of Beijing, with 227 travellers and 12 crew members on board. Significantly less than an hour afterwards, there is no radio make contact with with the digicam, which has also disappeared from the radar screens. What occurred ? The most diverse theories have grown.

The aircraft took off at 0040. At 1:19 am (regional time), the air visitors controller, Gilles Diharce, analyzed the numerous assumptions in a complex and documented ebook. MH370 transmits its last radio message to the Malaysian controllers. Then almost nothing. Failure ? Really unlikely, according to Gilles Diharce. On the a single hand, the reduction of radio make contact with takes place fairly regularly in airplanes: it is often a frequency or manipulation error, seldom a complex issue

Transponder halt

In this circumstance, the pilots activate the transponder (devices that makes it possible for the secondary radars to figure out the posture of an plane) and display screen the code seven 600 to the controllers. This was in no way done. “The transponder stopped working fewer than two minutes immediately after the last radio make contact with” notes Gilles Diharce, who excludes any complex anomaly, specially due to the fact a Boeing 777 two transponders. For this technician, halting the transponder can only be voluntary, this operation consisting of a handling straightforward plenty of for a pilot.

In this circumstance, by whom? The captain, Zaharie Ahmad Shah? Gilles Diharce implies a new exploration spot of ​​70,000 km 2 in the Indian Ocean, farther north and east than that which has hitherto been explored (a hundred and twenty 000 km 2 ). In a new report, the Australian Bureau of Protection and Transportation (ATSB) also implies exploring a new spot close to that instructed by Gilles Diharce

The mystery of the flight MH370, autopsy of a disappearance Gilles Diharce, JPO editions.

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