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Onboard the very first Swiss Air Boeing 777, on its first day of passenger operations and on its second flight! This was February 8th 2016 and its first ever departure from Geneva. This beautiful aircraft is being used on short routes for a while, like many airlines do, its to train the crew and give them some experience with passengers onboard before they’re used for longhaul routes. The Swiss 777’s will eventually replace their fleet of A340’s.
There was lots of media presence, lots of people with cameras filming people board the aircraft and passengers were allowed to take pictures and get quite up close with the enormous GE-90 engines! Flight was very full, didn’t see any empty seats, most people seemed to be aviation enthusiasts with cameras out.

Aircraft: Boeing 777-3DE(ER)
Reg: HB-JNA “Peoples Plane Livery”
Seat: 27A
Flight Number: LX2807
Date: Monday 8th February 2016
Engine Type: GE90-115B
Departure Time: 10:00
Departure Runway: RWY23
Arrival Runway: RWY14
Flight Duration: 50mins (approx)
Cruising Alt: 16,000ft (FL160)
Route: GVA-ZRH

Moments of Interest:
0:44 – Boarding & Exterior shots
7:07 – Pushback
7:38 – Engine Start, GE90’s! (Loud)
11:00 – Taxi
16:00 – Take Off
27:30 – Holding Pattern for arrival
36:30 – Flaps
43:00 Landing

Beautiful views throughout the flight because of the low altitude. Especially during the climb out of Geneva and while holding for our arrival in Zurich. Rather gusty approach into Zurich, can see the wingflex quite well from the position I was sat.
This video also includes a look around the interior before disembarkation so you can see the inside of Swiss Air’s brand new aircraft.

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  1. I have had the honor of collecting 3 brand new 777-300Er's over the coarse of my career. Every one is a gem. I love my job and my type rating. But i love to see how people feel about this aircraft more.

  2. Interesting to note that Swiss are among the airlines that squeeze in 3-4-3 in economy , rather than the 3-3-3 favoured by the better companies .

  3. The first 17 minutes of this video you could have left out! Who wants to see the plain rolling and rolling and rolling till it finally gets to the spot where it takes off.

  4. Not a bir air passenger fan…Big PRETTY plane…Biggest I ever flew in was a L-1011 back in the nineties…Nice vid…

  5. Why did Swiss put a 777 to a 45 minutes flight?
    It must be very disadvantageously.

    Btw Swiss puts A320's on routes such this.

  6. Beautiful. I don't particularly like Switzerland, but I very much like Swiss, and the 777 just Looks awesome in Swiss livery. Great Video, thanks.

  7. Great video and thanks for sharing. I have a question, are there more turbulence if a plane flys low altitude or less? I mean FL16 is low, isn't it?

  8. Excellent Video! At 33:33 a short view of Basel – near i live on german side. The Triple Seven is a beautiful aircraft. Congratulation Swiss Air!  And at the end, as symbolically, an A 340 – 313 – the aircraft which is to be replaced by Boeing 777. I like the sound of GE 90 – engines!!! THANK YOU FOR SHARING WITH US, RACHAELMATT! Warm Greets from Germany.

  9. I was thinking, before I read the text that this must have been an exhibition flight or something. That's a walloping plane for a journey that a Bombadier could fly.

  10. Love that faint humming sound of engines at take off … so quiet and smooth.
    Did the plane also have new plane smell, just like new car smell? LOL

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