Outside walk around and look inside the cabin of British Airways Boeing 777-236/ER G-VIIX at London Gatwick (LGW). This particular 777 was delivered in August 1999 and has been with BA ever since.

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Filmed with an Apple iPhone 6S Plus


  1. Don't know why everybody is hating, I actually prefer the old interior, seats are more comfortable, the Ife is fine once you concentrate on screen it isn't a problem, only down side is the USB ports that they don't have them on the old interior, however I still like the old 777-200. Flying back from Orlando on it looking forward to my flight back.

  2. Can you tell me, if BA118; from India,utilizes this same plane Model?

    If not,which type of aircraft is used ,by Flight BA118; and is it Superior or Inferior to this BOEING 777

  3. such a shame BA are on the decline from other Airlines, even Tompson to Orlando is a better option , 34inch in Ec and 38 in Prem plus much new Dreamliner ect

  4. IFE is very dated it's near impossible to watch anything on them. But I have to say the movie selection is good.

  5. The IFE is appalling. How can they even get away with that in 2017!? Disgusting esp if you're on a long haul flight which most of these 777s will be of course.

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