British Airways BA199, Boeing 777-200(ER), Date 12May2012, Registration G-VIIS, Seat 29A from LHR(EGLL) to BOM(VABB).
The Pilot had announced that brakes will be applied slightly faster and the reverse thrust will sound more as the flight was to be landed on the alternate shorter runway (RWY32) instead of the regular one (RWY27).
Watch out for Condensation on wing (03:50) along with children crying out loud in the background 🙂
Shot by Samsung Galaxy Note.


  1. And a big thanks to the selfish parents for flying babies halfway across the world just to prove to everyone you can breed. I'm sure they enjoyed every moment as their young ears felt like they were exploding.

  2. 3 years ago, I would have disliked this video, because of the babies crying. Now I myself have a boy of 18 months, and I truly understand that it's not parents fault. Some babies just don't shut up ( like mine). Nice video. Well done.

  3. So what If Mumbai has too many slums??? Having slums in a city or nr the airport makes it a poor country.. I feel people who dnt understand poverty and the reasons y the poor live a life like that.. are humans without a heart

  4. Only used Mumbai Airport as a transfer point. Both landing and take-off were at night, so good to see what it looked like during daylight hours.

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