A full flight video with British Airways onboard Boeing 777-200ER G-VIIN operating flight BA458 from London Heathrow to Madrid on 30 April 2017.

**Every moment of the flight included from terminal to terminal, ATC for entire flight**




Airline: British Airways
Flight: BA458 (callsign “Speedbird 71MA”)
Aircraft: Boeing 777-200 G-VIIN
From: London Heathrow (LHR)
To: Madrid (MAD)
Departure: 07:56
Arrival: 10:47
Flight Time: 1:51
Seat: 11K
Flight Path:

Our journey today begins at the pod parking at Heathrow’s Terminal 5. We take the 4 minute journey on the Heathrow Pod from our parking space right into the terminal building, before heading through the airport and making our way to the British Airways Galleries South Lounge. After breakfast we take the shuttle train to the C concourse, where our aircraft for today, Boeing 777-200ER G-VIIN is waiting for us to board.

We board the aircraft, taking our seat in the Club World cabin, in seat 11K. This is a rear facing flat bed seat just in front of the engine. We are given a hot towel prior to pushback, and the captain welcomes us aboard, explaining that the route is normally operated by a smaller aircraft but we are lucky today to have the long haul Boeing 777. We push back and make our way to runway 9R, before the powerful GE90 engines spool up and quickly lift us away from Heathrow and to the south. From there we are given a clearance direct to Southampton, after which we are handed from London Control to Brest Control over the English Channel.

Breakfast service today is a full English breakfast, served as we cross the Channel. We head towards Britanny and Brest, hitting an area of moderate turbulence over Britanny. From there we head across the Bay of Biscay, being handed off to Madrid control. We cross the Spanish coast overhead Santander, before we commence our approach towards Madrid. It’s unusually cloudy and rainy in Madrid, as we descend through the clouds getting a fantastic view of the mountains to the north of Madrid. We make a smooth touchdown on runway 18R, before being cleared to taxi to our remote stand. Once on stand we are treated to disembarking via air stairs in front of the huge GE90 engine, and getting the bus to the terminal before we take the underground train from the satellite pier to the main terminal, and exiting the terminal to the taxi rank in front of the terminal.


0:00:03 Taking the Heathrow Pod to Terminal 5
0:06:38 Walking through Terminal 5 to the fast track security
0:09:35 British Airways Galleries South Lounge
0:13:15 Walking through the A concourse, getting the underground train to the C concourse
0:26:43 Boarding the aircraft and taking our seat in 11K
0:43:38 Overview of the seat area
0:44:14 Club World Cabin overview
0:54:42 Captain welcomes us onboard
0:56:16 Captain requests pushback from ATC, before cancelling and requesting again a few minutes later
0:57:58 Safety video
1:11:03 Pushback and engine start
1:16:51 Taxi clearance, taxi to runway 9R
1:30:47 Cleared to line up and wait
1:31:54 Takeoff clearance, takeoff from runway 9R
1:57:37 Breakfast service – Full English Breakfast
2:05:53 Overview of IFE – just the 3D Maps on this flight
2:13:02 Detailed look around seat and controls
2:22:25 Another look at the seat
3:13:45 Contacting Madrid Approach, radar vectors for ILS runway 18R
3:17:02 Established on localizer runway 18R
3:21:01 Contacting Madrid Tower, cleared to land
3:23:59 Landing on runway 18R, exit to left and cleared to taxi to remote stand
3:32:35 Holding short of remote stand due to no marshaller on stand, contacting ATC to request guidance
3:36:15 Disembarking through steps at the forward doors, bus to terminal
3:46:46 Train to main terminal
3:56:40 Exiting terminal to taxi ramp


  1. It must of been strange being on a long haul aircraft for a short flight, the one thing that annoying is you can't watch anything?

  2. Enjoyed it mate! That's a lot of bird for such a short hop. Did they continue on to another destination or is it that busy a destination ?

  3. this is great! even though I am just watching, I can imagine me being there. I am not a frequent flyer an I do not get to travel abroad that much. cheers! I'm subscribing.

  4. Another picture- perfect flight! Nice spot-on view of the reverse thrusters doing their thing upon touchdown. Great relaxing video!

  5. I love these videos! It would be nice to see some more flights to and from Asia, like China, Japan, etc… Keep up the great work 😀

  6. Another good one Noel. I envy you! My traveling days are over, because of my health, so I live vicariously through your videos.

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