British Airways Economy Class Review
British Airways Economy Review 777

This is a full review of British Airways Coach Class

British Airways 777-300 Economy Trip Report
British Airways A380 Economy Also has the same product.

British Airways NEW Economy. This is the new economy product from British Airways that is more comfortable and modern compared to their old product.

British Airways Coach Class 777

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Full British Airways Economy Trip Report Video

London Heathrow (LHR) to Singapore (SIN)
23rd February 2014
Boeing 777-300
SEAT : 49A


  1. What did you think of the entertainment? When I flew to BKK I found the screens were really outdated and fuzzy and the quality was terrible. Complained but only got a £20 gift voucher which felt like a further insult

  2. Good video i've watched it a couple times. Going on this one too. Nervous cause it's so long. Where you travelling on to a further destination or Singapore for a holiday? Thanks for the video.

  3. I am Irish so I have to get up at 4:30am and fly on aer Lingus to LGW our flight is at 7am but this year it is at 8am so we need to not miss our connecting flight because when we get to LGW we change terminals and then go to security and our Barbados flight in British airways takes off at 11:20am and we land at 3pm Barbados time 8pm Irish/English time it's 5 hours behind anyway u should travel to Barbados

  4. Good video. I've always flown this route with Qantas in the past. I've flown BA from Hong Kong to London before so I may well give them a try between London and Singapore next time as I found them pretty good.

  5. Typical economy narrow and no leg room seats. BA looks really narrow. Most of the newer planes have terrible econo leg room as they all try to make more profits by giving extra space to business class.The crammed econo seats have forced some to buy business, deluxe or just pay for an extra leg room seat in econo.

  6. Thanks for the video. But I hate Terminal 5, so in-personnel and cold. And this is coming from a Commercial pilot. And as far as BA, I would stay clear from BA, they recycle the air more then any other airline plus their Flight attendants are rude borderline mean. Food is the worst I ever experienced, and I grade their seat comfort as a ''F''

  7. 7:10 and 9:26 Got to say I`m not impressed with the BA food service. I fly economy with Emirates and they seem to give you a whole lot more. Starter, main course, sweet, crackers and cheese and chocolates. You can also get drinks and snacks any time during the flight when meals are not being served. They use metal cutlery and linen napkins, even in economy. Was glad to hear you say the macaroni was good.

    Great video, why has no one commented on it ?

    Thanks for sharing your flying experiences with the world.

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