British Airways First Class Review
BA First Class Boeing 777-300ER LHR-LAX

This is a full review of British Airways First class experience from London to Los Angeles including a tour of the Concorde Lounge in Terminal 5

London to Los Angeles First Class Boeing 777-300ER
The Boeing 777-300 are fairly new to the BA fleet and have been in service with the airline since 2010.

British Airways Terminal 5
British Airways First Class 777

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7th February 2016
British Airways 283
Depart : London (LHR)
Arrive : Los Angeles (LAX)
Departure time : 10:25am (Actual 10:55am)
Arrival Time : 1:25pm (Actual 1:12pm)
Boeing 777-300
Seat : 1A
Flight Time 10h 17m
Meal Service : Lunch, Early Dinner
Aircraft : G-STBJ (Delivered March 2014)

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  1. Are you allowed to turn down the complementary champagne they give you prior to the departure? Because I don't drink alcohol

  2. Thanks for posting. I have had an active fear of flying since 2004. I had a severe panic attack on the way home to Los Angeles from Hawaii. Luckily my grandma was with me and she gave me like 3 pills I didn't even know what they were. I just took them, next thing I know I fall asleep and I wake up, we're landing already. I was so grateful when we landed I ran out of the terminal and kissed the ground.

    HOWEVER, lately I've been contemplating a trip overseas cuz back then I was like 19. Now i'm 32, and I realized I have to start living my life. Start seeing the world despite how it makes me feel. I can't imagine being on a plane laying horizontally like that even with a seat belt on. I've watched a lot of Air Crash Investigation (I know ironic and stupid) and see no optimized safety benefit that way, so unless I take pills or something again, I could see myself scared as hell whenever I'm awake while in the air. You know what? I was doing okay seeing the benefits of flying, even first class (Cuz it's really not that bad a cost for a first class round trip ticket over to London plus 2 weeks at a hotel. I thought it'd be way worse) but when I was that 50 minutes of turbulence part, I was like, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh man….." Still I'm contemplating it. A friend of mine has been to both England and Germany, each separate trips. He even flew to England first class even though he didn't on the way back. He said despite the turbulence it wasn't THAT bad. So thanks for posting. I still have to see how I feel. I'm probably going to start small by taking a 5 hour trip to New York first. THEN I'll think about a 12 hour flight to London later on haha.

  3. Funny thing is that this first product isn't much better if better at all than most business class products, maybe their terrible club world leads them to believe this is luxury?

  4. Nice video! I am flying British first this summer. Just returned from a trip on British business… not a favorite – I had to crawl over someone's feet AND stare at a stranger. Weird design. First looks much better!

  5. The old one Is just as good! it can go anywhere unlike the 787 that can go to a few places! Fingers crossed for the 787 to go to Accra!

  6. I'd be fucking pissed off if I paid for 1st class and I get a fat old bitch like that serving me lunch! I want hot young skinny models who will bang me at the hotel afterwards!

    BA….. tsk! *eye-roll *

  7. Hi, your videos are great, these BA ones bring back some amazing memories for me, I left BA 2 years ago after spending 10 years as long haul cabin crew flying on many different A/C. 747 being my favourite back then, 787 pretty good too.

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