British Airways PREMIUM ECONOMY Boeing 777
World Traveller Plus
British Airways Shanghai to London Premium Economy
Boeing 777 300 Premium Economy

British Airways World Traveler Plus Review

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British Airways Premium economy trip report from Shanghai to London
World Traveller Plus
Boeing 777-300 ER
British Airways Flight 168
Depart : Shanghai (PVG)
Arrive : London (LHR)
Departure time : 11:00am (Actual 11:07am)
Arrival Time : 16:15pm (Actual 16:47pm)
Boeing 777-300ER
Seat : 25K
Flight Time : 12 Hours 30 Minutes
Meal Service : Lunch & Afternoon Tea

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  1. I have clocked more that 500 hours in an Air Force C-130 cargo aircraft. My longest ride was 22 hours with two mid air refueling. That was brutal. The twelve hours you flew compares to what that 22 hours was like. I was at least getting paid and I got to exit the aircraft at 34.000 feet and get some fresh air. I also hate parachuting as the only two things that fall out of the sky is bird shit and morons. I was the moron and happy to be the moron.

  2. Been flying around the world for years (and do so on an almost monthly basis). I wouldn't touch British Airways at this point if they paid me to. Among the worst airlines in the industry, by a long shot. One of these days I'll put up a video of an experience we had with this airline. Absolutely awful business ethics from top down and all the way through.

  3. I'm your 182000th viewer! Really enjoy your videos. Please feel free to check out my channel with lots of different items (mostly my drone flights!). I'm an ex pilot.

  4. The british Airways premier economy us very simulator to economy. I traveled in a AF economy premium and it's similar to business (more than economy)

  5. looking at the inflight service, i think i made a good decissn to book my Virgin Premium Economy as BA was £ 200 cheaper but hope to have better experience with Virgin Atlantic. will post my video later this year.. thanks for the video

  6. Are the Premium Economy seats actually wider than the Economy seats ? i am a bit wide hehe and i ll have a long flight. just wanted to see if it worths to pay a bit more for premium economy. Cheers!!

  7. Thanks for the video. I found that World Traveller Plus on BA differs from plane to plane. For instance I found the premium economy seat comfortable in the 777-200 from Dubai to Heathrow in 2014 very comfortable as it had the leg rest coming up from under the seat. While I have noticed this is missing in other planes, on the B787 for instance. For some it's not essential but for me it improves a lot the comfort. So for instance I am posing some doubts on whether to book either in BA or Virgin en route to Boston in Nov 2016 being an overall jurney of over 17 to 20 hours.

  8. I don't understand the problem with the food. I went with them last year to America from Gatwick and the food was great. I think it was a small steak with carrots, gravy and probably the best mash I've ever had. I'm going with them again this year too, and I'd definitely recommend it to anyone else who has the money.

  9. Just a quick question, did you have to walk back into economy to use the restrooms? The restrooms are right in front of you yet seem to be blocked off for Club World passengers only.

  10. That mushroom pasta would need to taste better than it looked! LOL! I cook a dish similar to that. Mine looks no better, but I am not cooking for BA, a premium airline's premium economy passengers! LOL again!
    When BA first introduced Prem Econ about (I think?) fourteen years ago, it was only AUD$700 on top of the economy fare to travel premium from Australia to Heathrow and return. It seemed a good deal then. I don't think it is a good deal anymore. It costs far more than economy and the extra space is minimal. I am inclined to remain in steerage and resolve the exhaustion problem with a night or two enroute, somewhere in the orient, which I enjoy visiting anyway. Because I am fairly short, economy is not unendurable, especially by reserving an aisle seat well in advance.
    Lovely report. Thank you.

  11. I actually think the first meal was presented quite well considering its economy. (OK the salad looked average but the meal looked good I thought, for an economy cabin). As for the 2nd meal.. That pasta dish has to look like that. Even in a restaurant it would look like that because they cant have the sauce to one side, the mushrooms on another and area for pasta. It is all mixed in together. Again not first class but for economy

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