Building the Emirates Boeing 777 takes thousands of workers and months of exacting work. But we did it in just 30 seconds.

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  1. @raptors222222 Yes they are. The fuselage is what's casting the large shadow. The shadow of the wheels is much smaller, but also visible if you look closer.

  2. @bloomability3 This isn't the olden days were things crash a lot… now a days thing hardly fail especially something so commercial..

    maybe smaller isn't better either?

  3. ANA and UNITED advertise their new 787s and Emirates advertise their 777 like it is the most modern airplane ever :-/. I've flown on a 777 and it wasn't very pleasant. I really like the Emirates uniform though.

  4. @Winonarydertube You are beyond ignorant or ill informed, between retard and trailer trash… I still can't decide which, maybe both?

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