Emirates’ latest generation Boeing 777 Business Class seat takes comfort to a new level. The design and shape of Emirates’ new Business Class seat is inspired by the interior of a modern sports car, with prominent diamond stitch patterns embossed in light grey leather. The seat includes an ergonomically designed headrest, a new seat pitch of 72 inches which can be moved to a fully flat sleeping position, a mini-bar, and one of the industry’s largest personal TV screens at 23 inches with the ability to stream personal mobile content, amongst other industry-leading features.
The new seat will make its debut on Emirates’ new Boeing 777-300ER aircraft deliveries starting November 2016.


  1. I don't know much about aircraft. So, will someone be kind enough to tell me about this 2-3-2 thing everyone is commenting about? Thanks.

  2. I was always on bussness class so i tought it was the old model they show o the safety video you know the common class screens in seat.

  3. I live in South America and always fly Business Class from Sao Paulo to Hong Kong (via the Middle East) at 2 or 3 times year. I used to use Etihad because they had a 1-2-1 Herringbone configuration. Then suddenly on 26h March 2017 they stopped operations from Sao Paulo to Abu Dhabi. Hence I started using Qatar Airways with a regular 2-2-2 configuration. I never thought of using Emirates because they have this ridiculous 2-3-2 configuration. Smaller width than Etihad and Qatar. However from March (at the same time Etihad discontinued there service to Sao Paulo) Emirates changed there planes to a A380 with a 1-2-1 configuration. That makes a whole lot more sense. Cant understand why they dont change there whole 777 fleet to a 1-2-1 or at least a 2-2-2. They keep sticking with that ridiculous 2-3-2 formation

  4. All this is great until you realize that you can't use your laptop or iPad or any electronic device larger than a cell phone because flights originating from the Middle East to the us are deemed as possible "threats" the us wants to completely destroy emirates's business

  5. We flew the 2-3-2 Business Class in 777-300ER this january and we would not been convinced in comparison to the Emirates A380 Business Class. We payed full 6600€ (no milage upgrade, full priced payed!) from Frankfurt to Phuket and the 2-3-2 seats in the 777 was a waste of money. We would never fly again with the 777-300 with Emirates and prefer the Etihad Business Class. Can not understand why Emirates has such a good reputation because of the bad 777 Business Class experience.

  6. Emirates business class seats are usually full booked, so 1-2-1 or even 2-2-2 wouldn't make sense. No matter how much you complain, they are still going to be fully booked lol

  7. Oh dear, 3 seats in the middle of the seat configuration. Seems like Emirates are keeping some of the old with the new. Still a nice seat though and at some point in the future I will be trying…a window seat of course.

  8. It is clear that the A380 will always be their "baby", which means that their 777 fleet keeps getting a half-assed treatment. If you look at their upcoming changes, you will notice how the A380 is becoming more and more dominant on the important routes to Europe, Asia and America, while the 777's are used on the "secondary" routes to Africa and India. One can hope that this will get better with the introduction of the 777X,

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