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Airline: Austrian Airlines
Airplane: Boeing 777-200ER
Registration: OE-LPE
Airport: Vienna [LOWW]
Date: November 28th, 2014
Music: “Farsight” by the Secession Studios

(C) 2014
David Pauritsch


  1. My family and I are going on a flight from Auckland to Ljubljana, and the stopovers include 2 flights with Austrian airlines – can't wait!

  2. I will fly on one of the Austrian B777 from Vienna to Frankfurt on February 16th!!
    It was scheduled an A321, but suddenly they changed it for a B772 ! 🙂

  3. OMG! I didn't see this when you uploaded this… absolutely amazing video. The editing was stunning. Did you use a glide cam or something like that? Liked!

  4. Whoa, that was really well put together! Seriously, incredible footage and great detail, just awesome! Right into my favorites, liked.

  5. Super video! It's OE-LPE, right? I flew on LPE in september, from Washington DC. Great plane!!! Very graceful and awesome! I love Austrian Airlines! In the end of flight I asked permission to see the cockpit and they allowed me)) (i have some video from LPE on my channel). AustrianA330 thanks for video!

  6. Hammer Geil 🙂 Eine Frage wie hast du im Boing 777 200 gefilmt und wie hast du erlaubt zu anschauen bitte Antworten 🙂  

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