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(2014 version)
This is the trip report of Cathay Pacific flight 829 from Toronto Pearson Intl. Airport to Hong Kong. Both takeoff and landing are recorded through the outside camera available on Cathay Pacific Boeing 777-300ER’s as it was too dark to film out the window.
As usual, the service onboard is excellent and still one of the best in my opinion. I was lucky to have a free seat next to me so I got a little more comfortable. Terminal services have improved since 2 years ago with the addition of free iPad and spacious seating at every gate which made waiting for the flight not as boring. I’m afraid I didn’t get any footage or photo of the aircraft this time round as there weren’t any opportunities to get one.

Date — August 11-12, 2014
Airline — Cathay Pacific (CX / CPA)
Flight — CX 829 (YYZ – HKG)
Aircraft — Boeing 777-300ER
Registration — B-KQO
Seat — 52K (Economy)
Departed — 01:55AM EST – T3 Gate C33 – Runway 33R
Arrived — 04:49AM HKT (+1) – Gate 23 – Runway 25R
Flight Time — 14 hours 41 minutes
Flight route —


  1. Did this flight twice. Once in 2012 and once in 2016. Might be doing another one in 2018 and let me tell you something, so not looking forward to flying this again. It's long, uncomfortable, boring and can't sleep or shit for 17 hours. Why can't someone just get some kind of teleporting system? I just want to get to my destination as quickly as possible. This is not to say that Cathay Pacific isn't a good airline. In fact, it's a great airline. Just try not to get seated close to the washrooms. You will smell people's pooh! So gross during eating time.

  2. Great informative video. I will be taking the same flight in March. Quick question: Does the flight have wifi or I don't need wifi because entertainment movies are great? It's a long flight and it worries me a lot to fly this long (I'm used to 3-5 hour flights- and still getting flight worries due to turbulence". Thanks for uploading video.

  3. Love when I flew that CX829 flight. Cathay Pacific is a nice airline… and Boeing 777-300ER aircraft are nice planes.
    But I had no idea what runway we took off on from Toronto or what runway we landed on in Hong Kong. How did you know what runways you took?
    Nicer flight from Hong Kong to Bangkok….. daytime and I could see everything. Only a two and a half hour flight.. not like the very long flight Toronto to Hong Kong.
    Flew CX826 coming back to Canada.

  4. It must be interesting to see the sun go down in Toronto, leave for the airport and eventually take off at 02:00, see the sun come up, go down again, then land in Hong Kong to see yet another sunrise, all within twenty hours. Great video, I hope to fly with Cathay Pacific someday!

  5. Man, it's the 7th time i watched your video. too good. plus i need to see whats coming for me for my flight to HKG from YYZ on july 9

  6. Wow nice video…
    You featured about the flight safety instruction. Since smartphone is capable of almost anything. Can we make the smartphone to "airplane mode" while having a take off? Does the FA will not apprehend us that we use our smartphone taking videos and pictures? TBH…i'm kinda ignorant about this matter. Hope you could shed light on this. Thank you.

  7. I would like to see CX in YUL because there is the project off direct flights between YUL and HKG and iff it becomes a reality CX must do that.

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