Airline: Cathay Pacific
Flight: CPA238 / CX238
Aircraft: Boeing 777-367/ER
Route: LHR (London Heathrow) – HKG (Hong Kong)
Seat: 52A (Economy)
Flight Time: 11 hours 25 minutes
Departed: 18:10PM BST – Runway 09R
Arrived: 12:35PM HKT (+1) – Runway 07L

For years I have been wanting to visit the Far East. The furthest east I have ever travelled is LCA (Larnaca) in Cyprus, so to get the opportunity to visit Hong Kong, Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo all in the space of a fortnight I naturally couldn’t say no!

The first flight consisted of flying LHR-HKG for the first part of the trip, aboard Cathay Pacific Airways CX238. I had chosen this flight for price but also arrival time. We could have a lay in in the morning on our departure day, and also arrive in the morning to catch the remainder of the day in Hong Kong. The flight however was delayed by over an hour due to a late arriving aircraft (which wasn’t really that late in arriving…) however the crew spent the entire flight profusely apologising so it made up for it.

The flight was good. Food was excellent. You wouldn’t think that Pasta & Lemon Crumble would taste good, but it really does – it tastes exactly like you can imagine it. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried. I’m also remarkably surprised that free peanuts were given out on board – its been years since I’ve encountered that. Naturally I scoffed as many as I could.

For connecting passengers it was incredibly handy as connecting flight information was displayed on the IFE during our arrival into HKG so they knew exactly what gate to head to. I think this only happens on arrival into HKG as on arrival to KIX and LHR later in the flight no such message was displayed.



  1. We were all babies for once, we've all passed this point. And this one is new to the table. How would you feel if that crying baby is your child? I bet you guys don't have guts to look after a crying baby. babies are humans for once, so respect it and carry on to whatever bullcrap there is in the world.

  2. The blind landing in FOG seems to be quite common in HongKong. I has a similar experience. The ground is not visible till you are above the runway. Feels Scary..

  3. I got through the first 5 minutes of this video and then couldn't continue watching because of that baby crying. I don't mean to be cruel, but it's annoying

  4. Saudia to CDG Paris via RUH from SIN was empty as well…..there were ONLY 22 passengers on B777-300ER……..well…worth the living flying a BIG Plane B777-300ER with ONLY 22 passengers ONLY……From RUH-CDG was Full flight……..I enjoyed flying Saudia…..

  5. This video is excellent, but the problem is that this fucking baby cries so loud and it is sooooooo ANNOYING! Like others said in the comments, yes it is so annoying because babies are having tough times with their ears popping cause they aren't used to flying in big aircrafts like this one. Man it is stressful and so annoying, especially when a baby cries a lot in a long flight. But, besides the baby crying loudly, I love this video a lot! Plz put more videos like these one!

  6. crying baby from start on, daaaayyyymmmmmm
    it needs to shut the fuck up.
    Second worst thing to happen on a plane, straight after crash 🙁

  7. I wonder how many of the people moaning about crying babies are now or have been parents…yes it is annoying, the person / people caring for the child on board should do everything in their power to calm the child; us adults can control the effects of altitude change (ear popping) to at least a certain extent, babies and very young children can't, which distresses them, as well as jet lag…they are just as human as the rest of us after all

  8. The funniest comments about the poor baby crying, you should be ashamed of yourselves how nasty of you. I am going to do a video especially on babies crying going to post it to you…

  9. The baby is not crying to annoy anyone on purpose  and he/ she did not ask to be born, babies and kids cry on flights as their ears are popping etc…so adults please get a life

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