Airline: Cathay Pacific
Flight: CPA564 / CX564
Aircraft: Boeing 777-367
Route: HKG (Hong Kong) – Taipei (TPE) (Leg 2: TPE-KIX)
Seat: 62K (Economy)
Flight Time: 1 hour 30 minutes
Departed:14:35PM HKT – Runway 07R
Arrived: 16:05PM CST – Runway 23R

For years I have been wanting to visit the Far East. The furthest east I have ever travelled is LCA (Larnaca) in Cyprus, so to get the opportunity to visit Hong Kong, Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo all in the space of a fortnight I naturally couldn’t say no!

The second flight was a multi-stop flight to Osaka, the routing being HKG-TPE-KIX. The flight delayed over an hour due to a heavy thunderstorm which had been in the area for over 24 hours causing a delay to the inbound aircraft from BKK.

After departing it was a slow climb through/around the CB’s which meant we could only claw back 5 minutes of our delay.

We then stayed onboard the aircraft for the second leg, TPE-KIX which follows in the next video.



  1. Could you still recall which row you were on? I would be flying CX 773 and CX773ER this coming November, and I want to seat at where you were sitting

  2. Awesome departure you had there. Tough IMC to fly through, looks like there was a ceiling of around 1,000 ft. The arrival, by the looks of it,  was a task. Well done flight crew.

    Thanks for the upload!!!

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