Cathay Pacific First Class Review
CX First Class Boeing 777-300ER HKG-LHR

This is a full look at Cathay Pacific First Class flying from Hong Kong to London Heathrow, including the Pier First class Lounge and the wing first class lounge at the airport.

Join me in the sky as I enjoy Cathay Pacific FIRST CLASS.
I was sitting in First Class Seat 1A which is one of the most private seats on the aircraft as it does not share the aisle with the seat opposite. There are just six seats in the first class cabin on the 777.

I also show Cathay’s wonderful first class lounge The Pier, which offers a full sit down restaurant, private shower rooms, relaxation rooms, a full Spa, a Bar, and a Library to relax in before your flight.

This is a full trip report on Cathay Pacific featuring ground and airport services, airport lounges, cabin experience, airplane dining, boarding, takeoff and landing.

The flight from boarding to landing was absolutely fantastic, amazing food, very attentive crew, and mostly a smooth flight.

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Cathay Pacific Flight 253
Depart: Hong Kong (HKG)
Arrive: London (LHR)
STD: 2:35pm (ADP: 3:02pm)
STA: 8:30pm (ATA: 8:09pm)
Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER
Reg: B-KQI
FF: 12th Sep 2013 (3.0 YR OLD)
Deliv: 30th Sep 2013 (3.0 YR IN SERVICE)
Seat: 1A
Flight Time: 12h 6M
Meal Service: Lunch & Dinner

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  1. Looks very impressive. I've never flown Cathy Pacific first class but to me Air France La Première is the best first class I've ever flown. Personalised service even before you board the plane. Exclusive lounge and no queues at all.

  2. Great video, I almost lost myself feeling like I was there between the breathtaking View and music selection. International first class…. Someday. I have flown first class A few times never with a bed though LOL.

  3. Great video – looks like a sensational product.  Just booked a points trip on this flight for next year – looking forward to it.

  4. wow, I wish. could go to these wonderful places. if I didn't have to pay for my own cancer treatment . I would at least once in my life love to go somewhere …. anywhere before I pass on.

  5. この動画の題名だから日本語でコメントするけど、

  6. Hello young man, as I said in an earlier comment, I'm really enjoying working my way through your back catalogue. This video is the best one I've seen so far. You seem to eat a lot of rich food. How do you manage to keep so freakin' trim?! Maybe film yourself exercising in your hotel room. That'll keep your male fans happy and no doubt bring in a lot more. 🙂

  7. exceptional video, as you know i enjoy the ambiant cabin sounds, … but in this video, your choice of EDM Chill music was perfect. lots of food service! wow. and show that sleeve… looks interesting. keep up the great videos and perfect editing!

  8. hi! can i know what is that equipment that you attach to the window? and which gopro model that you use? greatly appreciated!

  9. Hi i really enjoyed your video so much so i have subscribed, there are many similar channels on youtube as you know.
    But i have to say yours stands out from the crowd, love your choice of music and the content is great. 🙂

  10. Right, so I just booked this exact flight although unfortunately it's not until next year. There were a three flights to LHR from HKG but I figured this was the best as it's the only day flight as I figure I don't want to waste all that time in the first class seat sleeping! 🙂 btw how did you get the ATC audio?

  11. I did not enjoy this video, given the intrusive music and your commentary [most of which is unnecessary]. Your camerawork is in need of improvement.

  12. It was very sweet and thoughtful for the pilot to make that very reassuring and calming announcement during the bad turbulence. As somewhat of a nervous flyer, I wouldve greatly appreciated it if I were on that flight.

  13. I bet the ticket costs around GBP10000 – and at this price it's poor value. There is nothing exotic about the food – where's the Australian lobster salad? And unlike Singapore or Emirates, there are no private cabinets, meaning if you want to get some sleep and the guy next to you wants to read, you would be so distracted by the light. This is a common bad experience I had when flying Business Class. The seat doesn't look comfortable as a bed, especially the angled feet part. From all these years of flying different classes with the so-called the best airlines in the world, I've come to the conclusion that Premium Economy offers the best balance between comfort and price. This CX First Class seems only 10% better than its own Business Class.

  14. Да уж, смотрится всё просто замечательно. Красиво живёшь, пассажир))). Удачи. (Russian Language).

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