Full length uncut video (with the exception of the darkest night hours), of flight from Europe to Hong Kong.
Stunning sunrise after the night and landing in Hong Kong from the unusual route over the city.

Boeing 777-367(ER)
Registration: B-KQU
Business class, seat 12A


  1. Perfect timing, I've just stumbled upon this great long video, love it a lot, thanks for the amazing upload

  2. such beautiful skies! that sunrise over the south china sea was one of a kind..
    even more so when played in 2* video speed

  3. Fantastic job. Great sleep aid. I could watch these kind of videos all day and night. But don't think the wife would be to happy. lol. 😉

  4. your flight videos are beautiful. May I suggest you render a 5x or 10x timelapse to upload in addition to the flight in the case of long flights? I have seen this practice on some rail fan cab ride channels and it may make your excellent video more widely appealing.

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