This Kenya Boeing 777-300 arrived at Amsterdam after a flight from Nairobi. I have never heard these strange noises coming from the brakes. It` s always a pleasure to watch heavy planes landing on the Polderbahn at Amsterdam.

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  1. typical early morning at schipol get in and and get off the runway. auto brake on 2 or 3 setting. nothing wrong with brakes usual triple 7 catching a fast exit.

  2. Good video, but in your mind you comfortably think, the engineers responsible were dumb enough to let the bird in air without break check? In any case, the plane stopped right without any complication, so regardless of the sound, this is a professional airline with professional maintenance.

  3. for once and all brakes are ok this are engine sounds i checked with klm maintenwnce ground engineers there was no brake change at spl

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