This is the full flight report of China Airlines flight 7 from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) to Taipei Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (TPE) on a Boeing 777-300ER. The total flight time was 12 hours and 43 minutes. Overall, I was very impressed with China Airlines, and would fly them again. I recommend this service to anyone looking to fly to Taipei or anywhere else in Asia


  1. I only fly China Airlines to Bangkok. Great service, friendly crew, clean aircraft, and great food. I can sleep on the plane with China Airlines.

  2. one thing i do not really like is the earpods they give you for a nearly 13 hour flight, they're pretty uncomfortable for people to use this kinda encouraged my decision to buy beats headphones at the airport for like 250USD so i didnt have to use earpods xDD

  3. The LAX – TPE sector is one of the most competitive and profitable routes for both China Airlines and EVA Air. Used to fly mainly EVA because China Airlines didn't have a Premium Economy class till late 2014. I've since flown CAL twice LAX – TPE and I must say mightily impressed. China Airlines has really upped their game against EVA Air. The gap between the two has narrowed considerably now that CAL has also incorporated a new delivery of 777's and a Premium Economy class too. You won't find a bigger IFE screen on any other airline besides CAL, it is simply stunning! I'm surprised no other traveler has made note of China Airlines' huge IFE screens. Certainly makes those hours fly by. Service and food is on par with EVA. The gap has definitely narrowed bw CAL and EVA. Oh, by the way, during meal service, when given a choice bw the Chinese selection vs. Western, ALWAYS go with the Chinese one, especially their Congee/Porridge breakfast selection. Delicious!

  4. Very early to arrive in Taipei at 04.40 a m one have the whole day ahead..time to go to the Palace Museum, have some Dim Sum and then the night market..

  5. China Eastern, lax to Pvg. Is the best! I have flown delta and United, and my own comparison is China eastern had great sevice, great food. Go business class. And ti will be treated like a king! Don't forget to get your China eastern mileage card

  6. I flew from SF to BKK last month on the "Premium Economy and a free upgrade to business class from Taipei to BKK" on the 777, sweet deal. Love it. Great service since EVA is my usual airline. EVA you better watch out for China.

  7. Thanks for the in-depth review.  I know what to expect when I take this airline soon.   Not looking forward to any rough turbulence though! lol

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