Extra than six months later on the search prevent of the wreck of the flight MH370 of Malaysia Airlines, mysteriously disappeared on March eight, 2014 with 239 individuals on board, increase to the extended listing of twists and turns that punctuate the inquiry into what remains these days a single of the finest mysteries of civil aviation .

Nervous to recall that if underwater investigate stopped in January the investigations continue on, Australian Transport Minister Darren Chester welcomed these two new experiences. Nevertheless, he was keen to temper, contemplating it “crucial to take note that they do not give new evidence top to a distinct location of the MH370.” But they may possibly contribute to it.

Possible particles noticed soon immediately after the crash?

They reveal in particular photographs taken by French armed service satellites two weeks immediately after the disappearance of the plane. These photos, which had in no way before been disclosed to the community, had been transmitted to Australia on 2 March 2017 by the French authorities. They demonstrate at minimum 70 objects floating in close proximity to an space of ​​the Indian Ocean referred to as “northern zone” by researchers. In other words, not in the space of ​​120 000 km ² in which the investigate was carried out for nearly three years, but a tiny additional to the north of it. src = “http://photos.sudouest.fr/2017/08/17/5995914666a4bd374e3a3af8/default/one thousand/disparition-du-vol-mh370-et-si-l-on-finissait-par-retrouver-l-avion

The Australian National Agency for Scientific Investigate (CSIRO) and Geoscience Australia, which appeared at its photos, concluded that twelve of these “identifiable objects “Had been” probably created by male . “So could this be particles from flight MH370 accrediting the thesis of the” northern zone “? The Australian Place of work of Stability and Transport (ATSB)

“The resolution of the photographs is not excellent enough to be equipped to affirm that these objects occur from the MH370 And are truly no other objects floating in the oceans all over the entire world. Clearly, we must be thorough. These objects had been not definitively recognized as particles of the MH370 “ The head of the ATSB, Greg Hood

The” northern zone “, additional and additional credible hypothesis

Nevertheless, the CSIRO, which modeled the drift of these objects to know wherever they had been on the working day of the crash of the MH370, discovered that precisely their location coincided with the renowned “northern zone”

For the record, in December an umpteenth formal report revealed by Australia concluded that the MH370 was not in the search space of ​​120 000 km² but in an space of ​​25 000 km² farther north . This is at minimum what the “outcomes of the particles drift modeling schemes” tended to demonstrate, according to the ATSB. Moreover this very last principle that would occur to accredit the photographs taken by French satellites Ais the 23 of March of 2014.

Especially due to the fact in nearly three years, whilst the whole zone was combed, investigate in no way authorized to get its fingers on the wreck . Nevertheless, particles formally attributed to the Boeing 777 of Malaysia Airlines has been discovered, proving at minimum that the plane has plummeted very well in the Indian Ocean. But that does not clear up the query of “how”.

 South West

Their research enabled the authorities to verify a single point: the plane, working out of gasoline, An crucial conclusion due to the fact it was on the basis of this principle that the space of ​​120 000 km² was established, but it also enabled them to realize That if the principle of freefall seemed to be the ideal a single, the sample of drift of the particles, on the other hand, was possibly not suitable. As a end result, the hypothesis of the “northern zone” has started to arise.

 South West the way in which the wreckage is possible to have derived is probably their worst headache. And the actuality that the plane fell in free of charge slide, or Even if he has a tiny plan of ​​where he is, does not clear up for the instant the most crucial query: what happened, was the pilot absent from the controls, unconscious, asleep?

Just as the reasons why this plane was discovered in the southern hemisphere is still unclear, as opposed to

Why not new investigate?

The primary theories keep on being the similar: a mechanical or structural failure, a hostage-taking or a terrorist act. Without having a black box, there is practically nothing to guidance either state of affairs. However, in spite of the rising evidence in favor of the “northern zone” hypothesis, very last December, the two Australia and Malaysia viewed as that the probability of acquiring the plane was not enough to (19459007)

Will the salvation occur from the American corporation of exploration of the seabed Ocean Infinity? This a single in any scenario proposed very last 7 days according to CNN Revenue .My family of the lacking passengers have questioned Malaysia to settle for this proposal. Potentially not pretty buried.

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