This was an unintentional dual engine failure! Marty had set the right engine to fail at 80 knots (about 5 knots after V1) and Ken, not knowing the failure was already set, decided to fail the left engine just after V1. The result? A dual engine failure πŸ™‚

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  1. F/O: We’re going Dow-hahahahahahah
    Captain: Hahahahahha bye bye wife and kids hahahahaha
    beeb beeb beeb beep
    F/O: loss of hydraulic pressure hahahahahahahah
    Captain: were screwed hahahahah

  2. I like how he just shuts off all fuel to the number 1 engine and says engine failure and the the number 2 engine failed even without them touching and buttons or switches. I thought it was pretty funny

  3. That was great and really funny! Even though they had an unintended dual engine failure, there certainly would have been value in letting the F/O take her in as far as possible (before imminent impact). But hey, great fun nonetheless!

  4. Wow, so pilots just quit the simulation when something does go as planned. What the fuck aint the purpes to be trained on random situations ?

  5. I really can't appreciate the way they handles this. The purpose of sim time is to practice what can occur in real life. Why not continue and practice the crash landing and then have a laugh after a debrief. I don't know may have been pointless. Just thinking aloud.

  6. LOL. LOL. in real life, the plane would have plunged into the runway with a good chance of becoming an inferno.

    men, women, and children would have been burned alive.

    hilarious πŸ˜€

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