Dubai Airport Crash Emirates Boeing 777
Emergency Landing, Crash Landing! Plane on fire!
Engines on fire!!!
Have fun watching some crash videos.
All crashes are no real plane crashs, real one are terrible.
This here is just for entertainment.

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Intel i5 4690k @3,5-3,9Ghz (default)
Asus GTX970 4GB
Win8.1 64bit
128SSD, 256SSD (FSX), 1TB HDD

Addons used/installed:
-REX 2
-FTX Global
-FTX Vector
-ENB Mod
-Flytampa St. Martin & Kai Tak
-PMDG 747-400 / PMDG 737-800 NGX
-Airbus X Extended
-Wilco Airbus Coll. 1&2
-German Airports 3
-many freeware jets/sceneries from



  1. Touched the runway with the wheels first, then went back up in the air, gear up, then struck the runway again. This video does not show the correct line of events.

  2. So the airplane was going to land but it was told to go around so the pilot brought the gears up but the plane didn't go up and it crash landed. Strange. Why wouldn't the plane go up?

  3. they stalled after rising the gear ,because there was less drag , they didng smoothly land on their "Belly" for no reason

  4. For Emirates this is bad, they had such a good record too. I was only looking a few months back at which was the safest airlines and Emirates was one of the top with not o e single loss of life due to incidents or crashes. Heart attacks etc yeah but not involving crashes. There pilots and crew and very very well trained so I wonder what went wrong. Does anyone remember the 777 British Airways flight 38 landing at Heathrow back in 2008? Seconds from landing they had total engine loss in both engines and the plane smashed to the ground the pilot not even able to give a mayday to ATC. Is this a case of the same issue? This was caused by ice crystals in the fuel getting clogged in a tube and as they desended and needed more power from the engines it dislodged the build up of ice which then clogged up a component in the engine starving it of fuel resulting in engine power 0% and a crash where all survived.

  5. Maybe he was scared the landing gears will create more drag which will impair climbing. ..but he was so close to the ground I don't think it was possible to extend the flaps and create enough lift to the wings. ..pilot error? ?

  6. I do think that the pilot made a bad decision to bring the landing gears up because if he did see the speed (which he obviously did)and known that he couldn't lift the plane enough,he should have just left the landing gears on as it could have reduced the damages done to the plane,even if the landing was rough………pilots like this flights pilot should be quick thinking for cases like this

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