And yet one more addition to the Emirates Boeing 777-300ER fleet: A6-EPH seen here departing & arrival from a 3 hour test flight.

Filmed: December 2015 KPAE Paine Field Future of Flight in Everett, WA USA.


  1. For the life of me, I can't figure out why other air carriers don't have their names painted on the bottom of the fuselage like Emirates does!  I mean it's plain as day visible as the aircraft is taking off or approaching an airport.  Perfect advertising for an airline.  Maybe Emirates has this trademarked or something.  Maybe the other airlines are just too cheap to have it painted on. Great idea though!

  2. Ho Hum….another one of those pesky 300ER's to fly and whisk the Emerites passangers around the world. This, I think, makes the 125th 300ER in their fleet not counting 30 or so other 777 models. Emerites' fuel bill is about $9 BILLION dollars a year according to their CEO. Huge amounts of money. Good catch.

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