Emirates Boeing 777- 300ER Amazing Landing in Dubai With A Crew From 12 Countries – Part 1

This is an Emirates 777-300ER flight to Dubai and is Part 1 of a 2 part video. Hope you enjoy this journey in this aircraft. Boeing 777 ER has a spacious interior and was a pleasure travelling in it.

Another speciality was the Crew was made of people from 12 nationalities. I thought that was exceptional and rare. At 8.04 you will hear this announcement which mentions that they speak several languages including Arabic, English, French, German, Spanish, Croatian, Serbian, Mandarin, Portugese, Vietnamese, Cantonese, etc.
From 9.56 to 11.14 you will see the interior of the aircraft. At the end you will it approaching the Arabian Peninsula. Thank you very much for your visit 🙂


  1. Things can be improved although generally the service is very good:
    a) Cut down the plastic wrapping in the meals – far too much – more can be paper
    b) Inforce the load in the HOLD rules & reduce the overhead carry on – now getting rediculous .
    c) Do away with the inflight hard copy magazines- not read by anyone I saw – calculated weight would be a good fuel & space saver .

  2. thank you for sharing such an informative video, fortunately we still have choices on which airline to fly with …..

  3. hey up loader thanks for sharing a such a beautiful video it was like I was travelling in  a flight and having an  amazing view so blessed with your video I would like to see even more video…….. please upload  if you have videos n  please inbox me  amazing videos to  ma what's app … if you find any offence I am sorry but still 00971563664701

  4. hi
    nice video..i'd like to ask about the seat configuration, because at 10.12 there is no seat beside the man who using red shirt..hehehe…

    i hope someday i can go to Dubai also

  5. where are you flying from ? btw nice vid !!! great and what a rare thing that an arline would have crews from 12 different country !!

  6. i loved that wish i was doing that one and on a luxury aircraft.Photography is amazing clear and perfect weather outside gave great views.I couldnt stop saying Wow Wow Wow!!!! great Thank you and glad you enjoyed doing the flight and sharing it with us.All the best.

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