Please come aboard and enjoy the fantastic service of Emirates Airlines’ First Class product on the way from Germany to the UAE. It all starts with a chauffeur pickup from home and ends in an exclusive First Class airport bus in Dubai, enjoy…


  1. i'm hape fere hape i book flight in emaratis and thay airbus 380-800 a in the first class i'm from saudi arabia but tulking english ffti ffti

  2. First class must be awesome <3
    Only been flying business for a couple of times 😀 was also a great experience. Especially with emirates

  3. Video is great but I must admit, If I went on board business class I would ask to be moved to economy.  That decor would make you sick, the so called wood effect looks like yesterdays` vomit, not for me I`m afraid.

  4. I don't know why but it made me laugh to hear CRO on the radio while you were being driven to the airport. Anyway it was another great review. I am really enjoying your videos!

  5. If i had that much money I would rent my own Biz Jet.
    Flying around with 300 cheap charlie people in the back of the same aeroplane.

  6. shame they pickup you up in an ordinary looking Mercedes taxi, but it gets much better when you get on the aircraft 😀

  7. Awesome video and great filming man! 😀 I subscirbed to your channel! I upload high-quality plane spotting videos  from Schiphol Int. Airport, every Teuesday and Friday. I am hoping to grow my audience because I really enjoy what I am doing! Please take a look at my channel and subcribe or leave feedback on how to improve my channel! Thank you for your time, bye 😀

  8. Thanks for sharing.

    Whilst I really like the look of the high quality of food and beverages on board, I do think the plastic gold trim everywhere is over the top and looks cheap.

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